Giving Resolution #2 REJECTION!

Duneier in Haiti

Labadee, Haiti

I went to the donor bank with the best of intentions. I answered all the probing questions, had my blood pressure taken, got my finger pricked and temperature taken. Then with the answer to the most innocuous question of all, I was summarily rejected. Have you been out of the country in the past 12 months? “Yes, I was on a cruise that went to Jamaica, Mexico and Haiti,” I answered. “Thank you and have a nice day,” she said. Turns out Haiti is a Malaria risk and as such, if you’ve been there in the past 12 months, by federal law you cannot donate blood. Bummer!

4 thoughts on “Giving Resolution #2 REJECTION!

  1. Hey man….Your intention was awesome and inspiring. Good for giving it a shot and maybe there is something you can do to help the blood bank anyway.

  2. But surely you could just come back in a year’s time and donate blood then?
    I donate blood every three months, but had to take an eight month break because I had a trip to China.

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