LR1: Spreading the Unicycle Bug

I have become the Mr. Miyagi of unicycling, spreading the gospel to anyone who will give it a try. While it took Jackson and I days to learn how to ride, we lacked the advantage of having any clue what to do. Just how much of a disadvantage that was came to light as we taught my nieces and nephews how to ride on our trip to Florida.

If you’re going to try it for yourself, here is my advice. 1) Just do it. 2) Lose your fear. Nothing stands in the way of progress more than fear of falling/failing. 3) Err forward. If you fall, make sure it’s because you leaned too far forward. 4) Pedal. Especially when you feel like you’re about to fall, keep pedaling. 5) Pedal. Unicycles wont move unless you pedal (you can’t glide) and like a bike, its hard to stay up if you’re not moving. 6) Put your arms out to balance yourself. The inclination is to hold onto something like a person, wall or even the seat. Don’t. All of this will only impede your progress. 7) Look where you want to go. Just like driving, snowboarding and cycling, wherever you look, thats where you’re going.

To see the proper starting position check out Jackson’s video at How To Do Random Stuff Now

Follow these simple instructions and you will be riding within an hour, just like Matt was in the video below.

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