LR4: Yarn Bombers Wanted

While recruiting knitters to be a part of the Santa Barbara Yarn Bomb, the same questions keep popping up. This entry is going to provide all of the logistical details for the upcoming YB, answering those questions, making it easier to recruit more team members and helping assure that we are all on the same page in terms of what is expected and what we are working towards.

YB Target from 1.5 Miles

YB Target from 1.5 Miles Away


There is a Eucalyptus Tree 2.6 miles from the trailhead on the Cold Spring Trail (East Fork) in Santa Barbara, CA. It stands approximately 2,500 feet above sea level and because it is at the edge and surrounded by low desert scrub brush, it can be seen from a distance.

For those who are concerned, only yarn is used so no damage will be done to the tree.


The plan is for our yarn bomb to be up and ready for viewing on Sunday, June 10th, International Yarn Bombing Day. In order to accomplish this, we will need to start bringing together all the contributed pieces about a month before that.

Artist's Rendering of the Yarn Bomb

Artist's Rendering of the Completed Yarn Bomb

How Can I Join In The Fun?

At the moment we have 17 contributing knitters from California, Georgia, Florida, England, France and Bulgaria, but we need many more. This tree is more than 30 feet high with many large branches and a trunk that is more than 9 feet around.

In keeping with the hippy California style and representative of the collaborative effort, this yarn bomb will have a patchwork look. We need knitted swatches of any size, color and pattern. They don’t have to be fancy or even perfect.

Swatch Examples

Swatch Examples

If you want to join the team, let us know by replying to this post. You can also help simply by bringing our project to the attention of knitters who you know. I will be happy to give full credit for your contributions and provide plenty of pics of the final result.

If you live in Santa Barbara or will be here in June, we could use your help bringing the swatches together, covering the tree or just to hang out while we do the work.

View from the Tree

View of Santa Barbara from the Tree

We need your help. Please share this post with as many people as possible. THANKS!

12 thoughts on “LR4: Yarn Bombers Wanted

  1. I’d love to contribute some swatches. I’m in New England and have more yarn then I know what to do with it! Please send along details.

  2. I would love to send along some swatches………are you looking for knitted ones only? I am much faster at crocheting! Either way, please send a shipping address.

  3. Im 21 and love crocheting and knitting!! I have so much scrap yarn that I can make swatches with and contribute!! Please send me more info! ❤

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