GR3: Step 2 in Donating Marrow

Be the Match packet

I received my packet from Be the Match today. Essentially this is Step 2 in the process of becoming a part of the Bone Marrow donor registry.

It took me all of 3 minutes to open it, read it, swab my inner cheeks, and place it all in the self-addressed stamped envelope.

Swabbing My Cheek

If you’re thinking about joining the registry, so far the process has been simple, straightforward and unobtrusive. I haven’t been swamped with emails asking for donations or anything else. It could be the most professional charity with which I’ve ever been involved.

4 thoughts on “GR3: Step 2 in Donating Marrow

  1. I found your blog through looking up topics on bone marrow donation and am really enjoying the whole premise! Well done, what a neat idea! I am personally impressed by your want to be an unrelated donor, as I was my brothers donor and have been on the unrelated registry ever since. It’s a topic that not many people know about, so just talking about it on blogs can totally help make a difference, kudos!

    • Tks vm for your very kind comments. Im intrigued by the Love Infinitely Project you mentioned in your blog. Im having trouble finding interesting ways to satisfy my Giving Resolutions and wondering if this might be the answer. Are you affiliated with it or know how to learn more about it?

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