LR4: The Yarn Bomb Community is Growing

Dany Knitting in LondonThis is Dany, a recruit from London, England knitting swatches for the 12for2012 Yarn Bomb. (You watching Big Brother on your laptop?)

Here’s a swatch I received in the mail from 3 little girls, Maddie, Mackie and Alexia in Florida. Thanks Ladies!3 Little Girls



I used all 200 yards of yarn on this 4.5′ x 1.5′ swatch. My biggest yet.I used all 200 yards on this piece. 4.5' x 1.5'


A YB volunteer hiked with me up to the target yesterday so we could lay out a few swatches and get an idea how much work is still ahead of us. I was pleasantly surprised, but still lots more to go, so keep them coming.YB Target


Loaded up again at Michael’s with more yarn!

Restocking for the 12for2012 Yarn BombWe need more knitters so get to work. Also, we need to start recruiting people to help with the actual bombing, so if you’ll be in Santa Barbara the weekend of June 9th come out and be a part of the fun. Help knit or just hang out while we do the work. Details and maybe an FB page to come.

Finally, since we’re likely to get some attention for our efforts, why not make it an official attempt to “bring attention to” a worthy cause. Any suggestions?

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