LR7: Learn How to Eat Right

forks-over-knivesIt is so unlike me to jump on a bandwagon and I have avoided going down this path until now, solely on that basis. However, it’s also unlike me to do things that are counterintuitive and it has just dawned on me that by continuing to maintain the diet I’ve been following my entire life, my actions are in direct opposition to what I know intuitively to be right. If it took a documentary to give me the swift kick in the ass I needed to see what should have been obvious to me for a very long time, well so be it. In this case, that documentary is “Forks Over Knives” and it’s the trigger for choosing “Learn How to Eat Right” as LR7.

Since birth I have been an unabashed junk food junkie. I lived Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me” for decades. When we moved out to Santa Barbara that changed a lot, but mostly because there aren’t many fast food chains here. Anyway, I don’t want to be one of those long winded bloggers so I’ll keep this simple. My goal is to convert to a plant based diet, otherwise known as a vegan, but here is the trick. LR7 will only be deemed a success if I figure out how to do it sustainably. By that I mean it won’t require willpower to adhere to it. If I have to fight cravings, if it is a hassle, or unsatisfying, I will have failed.

Now you know my goal, please help by sharing tasty, simple recipes, ideas, and thoughts.

LR 7: Eat Right (Vegan) Posts

5 thoughts on “LR7: Learn How to Eat Right

  1. Coincidentally, and due to food allergies and other negative post-food reactions, I am moving towards a primarily Vegan diet. I’m finding several new ideas and recipes that cater to this lifestyle, although I do find myself succumbing to the occasional chicken/meat meal. My most
    Recent discovery is a plant-based protein powder that mixes really well with water in a shaker cup (translation:no need for a blender). It’s called Vega One and comes in Vanilla Chai, chocolate, berry and natural. I add some almond milk and some powdered peanut butter, but it’s delish plain as well! Boom!

  2. My husband and I switched to a plant-based diet 7 months ago and will never go back. We also saw Forks Over Knives and were convinced. I think the key for most people is to transition and education. My husband still wants meat sometimes but I really don’t. Dairy cravings will go away too. Find food that you like, no need to live off salads. Eating lots of beans and grains will help you stay full longer. We started by eating a lot of Mexican food because we love it!
    Good luck!

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