LR4: Yarn Bomb Prep Work


To take some measurements and get a feel for the task ahead, a volunteer and I climbed around the target. It’s huge!!!

Had to make another trip to the yarn store. This time I found the bright colors I’ve been seeking. Best part was a stop at the high end knitting shop, Knit and Pearl, where the salesperson asked if I was shopping for the yarn bomb. “THE yarn bomb?”, I asked. “Yes, I heard someone is planning on wrapping a tree on one of the trails.” Very cool!



3 thoughts on “LR4: Yarn Bomb Prep Work

  1. Just dropped off some ‘swatches’ at the USPS…….coming your way. When is the latest you can take them? ~cathy~ pittsburgh

  2. Whew – looks like I will make it in under the wire…..keep an eye out for USPS 9405503699300012210700 from Macon, GA (I used to live in SoFla until 2 years ago)
    Can’t wait to see the end result!

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