GR4: Image Mitzvah

Invitation FrontInvitation BackI’ve gone back and forth on whether or not the time and energy I put into designing the invitations, logos, etc for my niece’s Bat Mitzvah should satisfy one of my giving resolutions. After my sister repeatedly suggested that it should, I gave it some real consideration, beginning with the rereading of my definition for the resolution.

Do 12 charitable things that don’t involve writing a check.

receipt_GIRLSTruth is, I’m not a graphic designer by trade and the project took several weeks to complete, partially because I’m not an expert, but mostly because my sister is a perfectionist (and so am I). I didn’t get paid for the work and didn’t do it for any other reason than I hoped it would make my niece happy and my sister’s life easier. If you replaced the words “sister” and “niece” with something like “a little girl and her mother”, I don’t think I would hesitate to let this serve as one of my Giving Resolutions. So I have.Logo

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