LR4: Yarn Bomb Update

New ArrivalsAs the yarn bomb approaches, boxes filled with swatches from contributing knitters around the world are appearing at my doorstep and still more are working to get theirs in under the wire. I am so appreciative of the support from all of you to help me pull this off. Friends, friends of friends and even complete strangers who share nothing but an interest in the whimsical and a willingness to help without asking anything in return have come through for me. I am blown away…

These swatches of awesome colors and patterns arrived today from Cathy in Pennsylvania. The skill it took to make these is on a whole other level from what I’m doing.

Cathy in Pennsylvania

These swatches, from Marti and Sandy in Virginia, look so professional and the yarn is so soft, I may connect them together to keep as a blanket when the bomb is defused.Marti and Sandy in Virginia

Constanza in Chile is working to get hers in under the wire.

Constanza in Chile

And lest you think I am sitting idly by while everyone else does the work for me, I’ve included a pic of me knitting while waiting for my flight at the LA Airport.LA Airport

It’s not too late to contribute swatches to the effort, but it’s getting close, so hurry! May 25 I start to map it out and connect the swatches to each other.

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