LR4: Knit Tide

I have been exchanging messages with an old high school friend since my “Yarn Bummed” post and I’m just going to repost our conversation (with his permission) because it was such an inspiration to me. I hope it means something to the rest of you too.

Knit TideYancey: I think what everyone loves most about the yarn bomb is your enthusiasm so no worries and don’t get bummed, your entertainment value is half the fun in this! I have a feeling this will be a “rally week” and hopefully you’re deluged with Fed Ex packages in the coming days. If you don’t cover the whole tree just cover half of it or stripe that bitch and start a new yarn bomb trend… Keep your spirits high, that’s what got you to this point! Just tell the naysayers the uncovered half is for environmental, tree breathing reasons etc. lol We have a lot of faith in you to pull this off, make your own rules, it’s your party after all… I am shipping 11 units tomorrow, all are around 2×2 foot swatches. I’m just going to send Fed Ex Ground, they should be there by end of week. I assume no signature is required. Showing up is 90% of it, you know that. Even if you don’t cover the whole tree you’ve done more than 99% of us to achieve realistic goals and resolutions in 2012 and that’s quite worthy in and of itself. I live in Alabama these days and most people in these parts are jobless right now, I’m no knitter but had recently seen another yarn bomb and had to participate in this one. I got the old woman down the street to crank these out for me in record time. She needed the money so it was a win win as far as I was concerned! I hope this isn’t misconstrued as cheating! I’ve included in my package the 1 sheet “How to Knit” guide I naively picked up last week at Hobby Lobby thinking I was going to knock a few swatches out myself!!! lol Needless to say, congrats on learning how to knit and keep up the good work brother!!! You’ve brought good karma to all involved if nothing else.
Good luck!

Knit Tide 2Me: Now you have inspired me Yancey. Would you mind if I post this note with the pics of ur swatches on my blog? Wud u send me a pic of the woman so i cud post too? Thanks for taking the time to send me this.

Yancey: That’s funny! You’ve inspired me as well, I may just go to the bullfight on acid after all!!! lol My resolutions will definitely be different going forward after reading your blog! The older woman I mentioned is Tracy  and her friend Jenny knitted the one yellow swatch with flowers on it. I don’t even know these ladies that well, I sit on the board of a local Fuller Center for Housing charity in this area and I called the lady who runs that day to day for us and asked her to recommend someone in the area who maybe could use a little extra money and knew how to knit. She hooked me up with Tracy last Wednesday and I found out she lived right down the road from me. I called her and I asked for 7 swatches or as many as she could do and she knocked out 10 and her friend Jenny knitted the one for a total of 11. I paid her for 7 and she and her friend gave me the 4 to donate to the cause!!! You’ve got to love it. You’ve inadvertently spawned some low level economic activity in Alabama and it was most needed I assure you!!!Feel free to post my earlier message and pics of swatches when you receive them if you think it will help the cause!!!! I can’t wait to see the end result….. I can’t make this one in person but I’ll attend the 2nd Annual if you dare….. lol

Me: That is phenomenal! Here i thought i was just being a pain in the ass to everyone, but im discovering its meant something very different to everyone who’s gotten involved. The law of unintended consequences sometimes works in our favor. Well, thanks for getting involved, bringing others into the fold and just being a good guy. We need more of that in this world. Watch for the pics on the blog. Be sure to share them with Tracy and Jenny, and pass along my appreciation.

3 thoughts on “LR4: Knit Tide

  1. Wow Yancey, you are an awesome person. You definitely went to some great lengths to get involved and I think that is inspiring. This was the feel good story of the day, now I need to go dry the tears from my face :))

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