LR4: Yarn, uh, Project Contribution


Not only was I psyched to receive this contribution from Elizabeth in Oklahoma, but I loved that she hesitated when addressing it to Yarn “Bomb” and elected to go with “Project” instead. Thanks Elizabeth!

3 thoughts on “LR4: Yarn, uh, Project Contribution

  1. Beautiful! Due to my lack of time (son’s bar mitzvah next week), my contribution will be the smallest and worst quality. Haven’t knitted in 35 years. However, it is a contribution nonetheless. No public photos please for fear of announcing that alas, I am not perfect. I wouldn’t want to burst anyone’s bubble.

    • Andrea, You need to get your priorities straight. What’s more important, the yarn bomb or your son’s bar mitzvah? 🙂 I will be psyched about whatever you send.

  2. Stephen, you’re most welcome. My dad and I were both: “‘Bomb’ on US mail? Probably a bad idea.” So you got “project”, instead. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing the results of everyone’s efforts!

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