LR4: Bomb Strategy Session

Yarn Bomb StrategyI recruited two of the smartest guys I know, Will and Sean, to help me develop a strategic plan for executing the yarn bomb. Remember, we’re not bombing a square building or straight sign post. What we’re bombing is a living creature that has been growing organically for decades with odd shaped limbs sprouting every which way.

Kruzel SystemSean, an MIT grad, put his overpriced education to the test and devised a brilliant system for breaking the nearly 400 square feet of surface area down into an organized, quantifiable space. I’m dubbing it the “Kruzel System for Three Dimensional Pattern Organization”. I’m hoping this will become the standard for all future tree bombs. Feel free to inquire for details.

Thanks to the Kruzel System, I now see the tree as 53 distinct sections, each with its own set of dimensions for which I can select the right combination of knitted pieces to cover each. After a thorough analysis, it looks like I have 78% of what I need in order to hit a home run on this project and 63% of what I’d need to consider it a grand slam. BUT, I also think that even if I didn’t knit or receive another stitch, I will be able to hold my head high when all is said and done.

GeocachePS While climbing the tree yesterday we discovered a geocache including a notebook for finder entries hiding in the trunk about 12 feet up. We’ll add some pics of the final result to the canister when we’re all done.

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