LR4: Let the Yarn Bombing Commence…

yarn bomb ladderI rented a 14′ A-frame ladder and recruited 3 friends to help me carry it up the 2.6 miles and 2,500 feet along the Cold Spring Trail to the yarn bomb target. Unfortunately, we had just a 3 hour window to get it from the rental place up to the tree. That window coincided with high noon, the hottest part of the hottest day in a very long time. Oh, and that ladder is not just really freakin’ heavy, it’s also very cumbersome. So instead, we took it just past the catway (fire road) or roughly 1.5 miles up today and will finish bringing it up the rest of the way tomorrow when it isn’t quite so hot. All along the way, as I emptied my water bottle and squeezed the sweat out of my shirt, I thought to myself, “What the hell was I thinking,” closely followed by the mantra, “It’s gonna look so cool when it’s done,” repeated over and over again.

Ladder for the Yarn Bomb

4 thoughts on “LR4: Let the Yarn Bombing Commence…

  1. I am SO excited to see the end result but being on the East Coast it will be quite late before you are done. I will anxiously awake Sat to see the pics- enjoy and be super proud of what you have accomplished for so many to enjoy- Happy International Yarn Bombing Day AND World Wide Knit in Public Day/Week!


  2. I’ve been blogging about yarn bombing for almost five years,but there are very few folks who take the time to rent a ladder and shuttle it up rough terrain. I salute you and look forward to seeing the final piece!

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