LR4: Yarn Bomb Complete

The last 81 days have taken me on an incredible journey, beginning with the mundane decision to learn how to knit and ending with the whimsical explosion of a yarn bomb 2.6 miles from and 2,500 feet above civilization. Along the way, I have met numerous incredibly generous and supportive people from around the world. I will never again doubt the benefits of social media. To all of you who knitted/crocheted contributions and sent them at your own expense, who gave me a pep talk when I felt overwhelmed and in over my head, who helped me carry a ladder up a mountain in the scorching heat, who documented the journey with photographs, who promoted my goal with friends and family, who sewed pieces to the tree, who kept us company with wine and music, who offered to carpool… I say “Thank you!!!!” I hoped to reach a goal. I dreamed of hitting a home run. I fantasized about a grand slam. Thanks to all that you did to help, WE pulled off a once-in-a-lifetime, tell-your-grandchildren-about-it, what-legends-are-made-of, knocked-it-outta-the-park dream, that I will forever be trying to match. Thank you for coming this far with me on this journey. I sincerely hope you will continue to come along for the ride.

Enjoy the pics and share them with pride. It is your accomplishment as much as mine. (For those in the area, get up there and witness it for yourself before it comes down on June 16th. Click here for details of the hike, complete with a map, pictures and turn-by-turn directions.)
Santa Barbara Yarn BombSanta Barbara Yarn BombSanta Barbara Yarn Bomb

Santa Barbara Yarn BombSanta Barbara Yarn Bomb

Santa Barbara Yarn BombSanta Barbara Yarn BombSanta Barbara Yarn BombSanta Barbara Yarn BombSanta Barbara Yarn BombSanta Barbara Yarn Bomb

I’ll add more pics as I collect them from others who bore witness.

13 thoughts on “LR4: Yarn Bomb Complete

  1. This is beautiful! I love what you’ve done! Congratulations for reaching your amazing goal and sharing it with all of us. I wish I was in the area so I could visit this piece of art in person. Gorgeous.

  2. Audrey knitted a sweater for our dog Shana, but I don’t think that Shana appreciated it as much as the tree did. I thought it looked great, does it slip over like a pull over or do you just sew up the seams ? I asked Audrey to combine her talents and make a sweater for our dog wood tree.
    Arf, Arf

  3. I live in SB and saw a poster of this at hot spots…its funny to receive pictures of it from my Mom in AZ through social media…I look forward to checking it out soon…please come yarn bomb one of the trees in the funk zone in santa barbara when the material is removed…that’s the arts district that is forming in the old warehouse distrikt where State street hits the beach…please find me through my site at as I’m a part of the informal and underground steering committee and/or look into…cheers to your fulfilling your dreams…

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