LR4: Yarn Bomb Pics

Yarn BombI hiked to the yarn bomb for the seventh time in 8 days. I spent so much time on this project and in 3 days it will disappear forever. These pictures will be all I have to look back on, so I keep searching for the perfect one that captures it all. The problem is, there are so many facets, so many stories, so many people attached to it, and so many nooks and crannies in the tree, that no single image can possibly capture everything on its own. Between John Wiley’s aerial shots, Kolya Hicker’s artistic interpretations, pics sent to me by visitors and friends plus my own pics and video, hopefully even those who can’t make it out there to see it in person can get a good feel for it. Click on a pic and you can quickly go through all the new ones. I think they give a pretty good feel for what it’s like to be out there on the trail, witnessing it for yourself.

As an aside, each day I have run into people who were shocked as they turned the corner to see this explosion of color suddenly rise up from 2.5 miles of desert scrub, and those who were excitedly anticipating what friends had described to them in texts and emails. Only 2 people had read about it on EdHat or The Independent. Most heard about it via word of mouth. (This is a real source of frustration for me. I just don’t understand why the papers, radio and TV have ignored it. As a hiker and Santa Barbara resident, I’d be pissed if this were up there on the trails and no one brought it to my attention. But I digress.) A couple of them had heard about this guy “Steve” who put it together and when they realized I am Steve, they actually asked to take a picture with me. How cool is that?!?!

The smiles people have when they see it; the anticipatory excitement on their faces and in their voices as they push further on our trails than they’ve ever pushed before; the endless curiosity about who, what, where, when and especially, why; the joy they feel when they hear the stories of Yancey and his knitters in Alabama, Dany & Ivo in London, Marcy, the Crochet Grenade, in San Diego, Michele, the former editor of Crochet Magazine, Lara and her tiny flower, etc, etc, etc, has made this one of the best weeks of my life. It’s so rare to share so many moments with so many strangers filled nothing but pure, unadulterated joy. No ego, no envy, no selfishness, no anger. Just a shared moment of “Wow!”

9 thoughts on “LR4: Yarn Bomb Pics

  1. This is a delightful array of pictures -wonderful . Stephen – I always send out pictures and information to all the local papers and blogs myself when I do a yarnbombing . That way I get to say what want to say and not just have many granny jokes. Thank you for documenting so deeply. streetcolor

    • Thanks for your feedback and help in bringing attention to our work. I emailed the papers and any blogs I knew, but not much response. I must be doing something wrong.

  2. ahh! I’m so with you Stephen! We just got back from the hike passing you today, and we actually met Peter at the tree! So much fun. I loved sharing your story with the random people we passed on the way up and the people who had trekked all the way up just to see it. Fantastic memories.

    I know it will probably not happen, but if I would loooooooooove if you kept it up another week. I’ve heard a lot of people who want to see it but Sunday is just too soon, and if you waited til next weekend I would definitely be there to help take it down =P

    • Thanks Grace! Id love to keep it up another week but its costing me $75 every 5 days to rent that ladder. I need the ladder to take it all down and no way Im carrying it down and up again.

  3. Beautiful, I think I found one pic with my small contribution in it! You could try a press release, if you want more coverage.

    • Excellent! Glad you found yours. It wasnt a perfect fit so some pieces overlapped others. As for the press release, I sent one via email to the papers and newsrooms, but ive never written one before and dont know if thats how you’re supposed to send them. Do you have any experience with them?

  4. Hiking up there today – can’t wait to see it. Heard about it a week ago through a member of the Santa Barbara Fiber Arts Guild. I’m a pasionate knitter – in fact I yarn bombed my beach cruiser – which was exhibited at the Faulkner gallery. I would have LOVED participating in your project ! ….next time….(-:

    • Yeah, I was late in finding out about the Fiber Arts Guild and letting them know about it, but I’m happy you are going to check it out today. Maybe I’ll see you up there. Really wish I had done a better job of getting the word out locally earlier in the project. I could have used your help. Please send me pics if you take any up there.

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