LR6: Update from the Ballroom

Cassia at Arthur MurrayMy wife, Barbara and I have been taking classes at Arthur Murray for nearly a month now, and I’m loving every minute of it. We signed up for the “Bronze” program which is a total of 30 lessons (10 private, 10 group and 10 party). Our primary dance instructor is Cassia and she has been fantastic. First of all, Barbara likes her, and that’s vital. Second of all, she is incredibly patient, clear with her instructions and very complimentary. In fact, she’s so complimentary, for a while we were beginning to question her sincerity, until we got to the Cha Cha. We had some trouble with it for a while and no compliments were forthcoming. So while I was disappointed we weren’t getting the Cha Cha so quickly, it actually made me feel better about all the accomplishments up to that point.

We have decided to learn a choreographed dance to perform for an audience as a way to mark this resolution as complete. Next week the instructors will be demoing a wide assortment of styles so we can pick those we’d like to include.

Dancing at Arthur MurrayAside: This is a first for me in terms of resolutions, because in the five years I’ve been doing them like this, never have I had to rely on the determination of anyone but myself to pull it off. That’s not an insignificant fact. As we were scheduling our next lessons, Barb wanted just one per week, while I was hoping for at least three. I know from experience that the deeper you immerse yourself in the learning process, the steeper the learning curve and with 12 big things to learn, I need that curve to be extremely steep. We compromised and settled on two per week.

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