GR9 (PIF3): Chez Magnifique

Giving Resolution #9 is a Pay It Forward that came in from Stacey K. via the request form.

Samantha of Food Hurts“There is a teenage girl named Samantha who suffers from an Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disease (Eosinophilic Esophagitis).  She is allergic to food.  Samantha is fed formula through a tube in her stomach, her only safe food is white potatoes.  Although Samantha can’t eat, her dream is to become a chef.  She loves cooking for others, it helps her feel connected to meals which are such a central part of our lives.  Think of how much of our lives revolve around food – imagine if you or your child was permanently isolated? Samantha had wanted one of the cooking shows like an “Iron Chef” or “Top Chef” to challenge their chefs to prepare food eliminating the Top 8 Allergens.  I think it would be amazing for Samantha to get to see her dream become reality while spreading awareness for EGIDs.  As an orphan illness we receive $0 in government funding unlike other gastrointestinal disorders.  Many children have few if any safe foods and live on formula; no cake at birthdays, no eating in the lunchroom or family meals, repeated doctor visits, tests and hospital stays… it is truly heartbreaking… Samantha wants a cure so she can taste the food she cooks.  I would love to at least see part of her dream come true by one of the cooking shows doing the Top 8 Elimination challenge, but how much greater if she could actually BE there and meet the chefs?!  She is a brave girl who has done numerous YouTube videos to spread awareness, I would love to see her given an opportunity to spread awareness even further.”

WOW!!!! How could I not try to help this courageous and inspirational young lady?

There are a few ways I may be able to help and I will try every one of them.

  1. I have contacted Samantha’s family to let them know her efforts have not gone unnoticed and that people like Stacey and I are working alongside her. (I encourage you to do the same via her Facebook page.)
  2. I will try to promote Samantha’s cause via this blog and all the social media tools I have at my disposal.
  3. I am forwarding her request on to every contact I have in television, particularly those at Bravo, which airs Top Chef.
  4. Posting links to her cause wherever I think it may gain traction.

I have no idea if my efforts will make her dream a reality, but nothing would make me happier than seeing Samantha on TV.

Food HurtsPlease add your name to Samantha’s petition. It only takes a second.

Make a tribute donation via CaringBridge.

Make a donation to CURED. Get this, 100% of your donation goes into researching a cure. 100%!!!

Visit her Facebook Page.

Watch her videos on YouTube

6 thoughts on “GR9 (PIF3): Chez Magnifique

  1. Thank you for doing this! Awareness for EGID is important to me too as I am also affected. Samantha and her family are wonderful and as I am sure you already know Stacey is too. EGID affects us in every aspect of our lives. Imagine never again joining your family for dinner at a restaurant, (cross contamination), or even something as simple as travel, attending school, or a social meeting. It is learning everything you have ever known about life all over again. Again THANK YOU!!!

    • I dont want to imply it’s even close to what someone with EGIDs goes through but becoming a vegan in a world of hardcore carnivores has given me a taste (no pun intended) of how hard their lives must be. The fact that no one seems to even know about their plight, must make it even more difficult to fit in. Thanks for inspiring me.

  2. Thank you from my whole family. My son has EoE and I’ve had to reinvent the cupcake…using only potato (and a couple of basic ingredients like oil). The awareness you and Samantha is spreading is phenominal and we all appreciate it so much. I can’t wait to get the season of whatever show takes this challenge on (I watch many cooking shows, and often wished I could watch the pros cook as I have for my son), and to have millions have a glimpse at how Smanatha and people with EGID eat. 🙂

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