GR11: Book Drop

Book DropFor more than twenty years, my wife and I have been hoarding our favorite books. We never re-read them or use them as reference material, but we just couldn’t let them go. We’ve moved a lot over those years so we have shed quite a few at times, but still about 300 or so managed to make the cut each time. We haven’t added to the physical collection in quite some time, having gone digital with the release of the 1st Kindle back in 2007.

Library DonationWhen we came to grips with the fact that we wouldn’t be adding to the collection, it meant that it had become and would forever be, an incomplete collection. Many of the books were no longer representative of who we are and so we decided to donate them to someone who would make better use of them. We inquired with some of the local charities, but then we thought that the best place to donate them would be the place they were most likely to be used — the local library.

3 thoughts on “GR11: Book Drop

  1. I too went digital a few years back but was never able to clear my space of all of my books. I chose to hold on to a few of my most favorite and donated the rest. I know exactly what you are going through………..they somehow become a part of you, a contributing factor to who you are. Good luck! And remember, should you ever want to read one again, it is now just a click away!

  2. good place. I have known others who donate to hospitals , homes for elderly, but library is a good choice.


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