LR6: 1st Ballroom Dance Lesson

Arthur Murray Santa Barbara

1st LessonTonight, Barb and I took our first ballroom dancing lesson and it was awesome! For 45 minutes we got a taste of the waltz, rumba, salsa and some others whose names I can’t recall. The instructors were full of compliments about our “natural abilities” and claimed to be amazed by our ability to pick things up so quickly. We took it all in with a healthy dose of humility, but whether we are destined for a career in dance or not, we had a blast. I’m looking forward to our Tuesday night group class and more time connecting with my girl.

LR6: Learn How to Ballroom Dance


12for2012 Ballroom DancingAs is the case with many wives I presume, mine has mentioned a desire to take ballroom dancing lessons numerous times in our 21 years of marriage. I’ve been bobbing and weaving to avoid it all this time, but if there is ever to be a perfect moment for me to relent, the Learning Resolution provides it.

Our 1st lesson is booked for Monday at 3:00pm pst and I can’t wait!

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