LR4: Learn How to Knit

Yeah, I know, not very exciting. Let’s not forget the mandate for the learning resolution. “I’m looking for quirky, seemingly difficult things that most people marvel at, yet could be accomplished if you just make an effort and have the discipline and tenacity to stick with it.” Well, maybe you don’t marvel at it, but I do, especially when I see these yarn bombsgoing off all over the place lately.

Yarn Bombing

Yarn Bombing

I’m not jumping right into the yarn bombing (although I am secretly fantasizing about it), but instead I am attempting a simple, straightforward scarf with a single ball of yarn. I started last night with instruction from Barb. I figured it would be a way for me to relax, to find my inner zen. What I found, was frustration and anger. I restarted twice and never settled into a rhythm. I went to sleep exhausted and uptight.

I will not give up though. I’m hoping that with enough repetition I’ll find that rhythm and learn to enjoy it. If not, at least I’ll have a scarf to show for my effort.

PS: When I mentioned that I’d taken up knitting for my 4th resolution, a friend started sending me a bunch of links under the header, “Inspiration.” Apparently, knitting has become quite an underground phenomenon among some men.

2 thoughts on “LR4: Learn How to Knit

  1. Hey! I am totally inspired by you! My sister Cathy from PA sent you a box of swatches for the yarn bomb. It’s too late for me to participate but I’m hoping you’ll do it again! I love the way that what you’re doing is impacting strangers all over the world! The thought that some little swatch I knit in Connecticut will help to warm a person I’ll never meet! Keep it up, you’re already changing the world! Thanks!!!

    • That is the greatest compliment anyone could give me, so thank you! It’s not too late. I need as many swatches as I can get. If you can get it to me by June 7th, I’ll take it. Every swatch is sooooo appreciated.

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