LR7: 3 Vegan Weeks & Not Really Counting

Recall I decided to become a vegan not because I want to live forever, but because I want to enjoy every minute that I am here. To do that requires as much energy as I can muster. Therefore, what I was hoping to gain from becoming a vegan was more energy. It’s inevitable, whenever I say that to someone who knows me, they always ask incredulously, “YOU need more energy?” Yes, I need and want more energy. I want to learn, try, discover and fail at many more things in my life.Β I want to hike further and faster, read more books, launch more charities and generally be a more interesting person. To do that, I need more energy for many years to come.

After 3 weeks of following a vegan diet, I can emphatically pronounce I have substantially more energy now than when I started. I haven’t suffered from a single headache and I get a better nights rest as well.

If you are contemplating improving your life by becoming a vegan listen to just one piece of advice. Do not try to replicate your current diet. Don’t buy soy meatballs, veggie burgers, or fake cheese. Make a clean break from your old habits regarding flavors and textures. The longer you do this, the less likely you will experience cravings or resort back to old habits if they are close at hand while vegan options are not. Think of it like this. If you didn’t have any food immediately accessible to you right now would you substitute dirt or a light bulb for your usual burger? No, you would simply wait until you had access to actual food.

Vegan PancakesThis means you must be all-in in order for you to succeed. (I underlined succeed because if you can become a true vegan you will have succeeded at freeing yourself from weight problems, so many health issues and given yourself the gift of energy.) Try every vegetable put in front of you, even the ones you “know” you hate. Go to a restaurant and say, “I noticed you don’t have any vegan options on the menu. Could you have your chef make me a plate of vegetables, quinoa, grains and whatever else he sees fit to include, prepared however he/she likes so long as it doesn’t have any meat or dairy in it?” A good chef is an artist and will love the challenge to create something on the fly. You win by having a great new experience.

Vegan LunchTry doing the same for yourself. Here’s a lunch I threw together at home. It’s simply peas, corn, garbanzo beans and grape tomatos. I’m not sure how many calories it has or how much protein, but to be honest I’ll bet it’s far better for me than the Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza I would normally have resorted to in the past, and it tasted far better too.

Finally, I need to share two great sources of information and inspiration that I have discovered so far on my journey. I’m thankful that people who know so much are so willing to share with the those of us who don’t.

Vegan Sparkles – I love this blog for the density of information Rebecca delivers in a witty, fun way. Her blog’s title intrigued me and the content didn’t disappoint. It’s also chock full of great links that have been extremely helpful as well.

My Plant Based Family – Holly’s recipes and guidance for a vegan newbie is incredibly valuable and her enthusiasm is infectious. Her blog is incredibly organized, solving one of my pet peeves about blogs in general and making her wealth of knowledge readily available.

6 thoughts on “LR7: 3 Vegan Weeks & Not Really Counting

  1. I am honored to be mentioned here! Thank you so much! I agree with you about adding fake foods to your diet. Who need them, give me the real food! πŸ™‚ I love throwing together whatever I have on had and making a delicious meal.

  2. WHOOHOO! Congratulations on making it to the 3 week milestone and I’m so thrilled that my blog has helped you with info and inspiration! I think most people find the first 3 weeks the hardest – I know I did, mainly because I was a Cheese Monster and really struggled with letting it go. It only gets better from here on out though, as your body adjusts and your tastebuds change. I can’t even stand the SMELL of cheese now! So funny. And yes, I completely agree with your advice about the fake food products – they only drain your energy (and your wallet!) and mess with your mind. The best way to make the transition is to be brave, experiment, and replace your old favourites with new ones. I especially found replacing cheese with avocado/guacamole, chutneys, hummus, etc, to be really helpful to me at the start, and nut milks and creams are a lifesaver.
    To any of your readers out there who are toying with idea of trying it, I say DO IT – make it into a one-month experiment and have fun with it. I only wish I had known about the benefits and tried it sooner. I could have saved myself from unnecessary years of stomach upsets, eczema, insomnia and weight struggles.

  3. Absolutely fantastic!! Stumbled on your blog, and it’s very inspiring πŸ™‚ Makes me want to go learn to ride a unicycle… πŸ˜‰ I love seeing your experience with the transition to a healthy diet – and I bet you’re planting seeds to all your blog followers, family, and friends to hopefully be healthier as well!!

  4. In case you haven’t stumbled across it yet, is a great source for food ideas. I’ve been eating vegan for three days short of a year now, and I’ve never felt better! Thanks for sharing your journey, as others have said it’s quite inspiring! πŸ™‚

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