Chip Off the Old Block

My parents came to town for my daughter’s graduation and I took full advantage of it by bringing my father up to speed on my 12for2012 progress.

Grandpa UnicyclingGrandpa UnicyclingGrandpa DrummingGrandpa Using Jumping StiltsGrandpa Thankful to be done with Jumping Stilts

8 thoughts on “Chip Off the Old Block

  1. Boy you had him going. He also looked pretty good on the drums. Can’t wait till we get together and have a jam session. Fred on the drums and me on the piano.

    Great pictures.


  2. I think that tree grew since I first saw it two days ago. I hope my comments come out this time, as for the ones I put up and did go through I forgot what they were its part of my condition, CRS. The tree looks great, but do you first wrap the knitting around the tree or pull it over like a sweater because I don’t think that would work ! Audrey knitted a sweater for our dog, Finster, for our other dog, Shana we got her a small mink coat which she promply tore.

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